Welcome to irishanimals.ie a website dedicated to all the beautiful animals of Ireland! It is amazing to think that there are only twenty six land animal species in Ireland due to the fact that it is seperated from mainland Europe for thousands of years. A lot of these land mammals are common place in Ireland including the red fox (which has become widely known as a pest in some places!), the badger and the hedgehog. We also have a large amount of bat species in Ireland to go with the more well known animals.

To go with the small number of land animals in Ireland is a huge number of bird species which are estimated to be around four hundred. Many of these birds leave our shores in winter for warmer climates and return in our summer such as the swallow. The most popular bird species in Ireland are the robin and blackbird which cover the whole island.

Unfortuneately many species have become extinct in Ireland over the last two thousand years with animals such as the brown bear and wildcat never to be seen in Ireland again. Grey wolfs were also common place in Ireland as were golden eagles. We would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to paws animal rescue who help animals in need all over Ireland.

We will be uploading pictures as we get them of the wildlife around Ireland and we will also do our best to take our own pictures throughout the coming summer. I recently picked up one of these selfie sticks I had been hearing about and it proves great for taking pictures of birds up in the trees. Thanks for visiting our site and if you have suggestions please let us know.


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