The Zgemma Star 2S was one of the most successful satellite receiver boxes on the market when released back in 2012. It outshone its biggest rival which was the Openbox V8S at the time even though it came in at almost the double the price of the Openbox receiver. Zgemma have now released a new version of the Zgemma Star 2S in the Zgemma H.2S receiver and it has lived up to the hype.

Zgemma H2S BOX

The Zgemma H.2S is a twin satellite receiver which means that you can record one channel whilst watching another something which the new Openbox upgrade which is called the Openbox V9S does not. In fact most other satellite receivers are not twin tuners and certainly none others in this price range. On most receivers if you want to record a program then you have to watch that program whilst recording it or leave it on that channel if you are away from the TV. This is no longer an issue with the Zgemma H2S. One thing to note though as we pretty much all satellite receiver boxes on the market that you will need a USB stick or external hard drive to record your program to as the H2.S like the Zgemma Star S2 does have an in built hard drive. This is true with most receivers including the Openbox V9S.

Another feature that the Zgemma has that overshadows other boxes on the market is the ability to add the Slky skin which is basically a rip off of the Sky box interface. This makes the user experience much more familiar to people as most people getting these boxes are likely to be switching over from a Sky box. So the Zgemma Star S2 or H.2S are really worth the extra few euro's as they are a fast box allowing for multiple recordings and a custom skin!