As the warm weather begins to roll in now that we are near the end of February we can begin looking at hiking again as nature springs to life and the birds from the south flock back north. You can already here the finches out early in the morning and soon daffodils will begin to sprout as winter draws to a close again. One of our favorite places to hike near Dublin is over at the Powerscourt waterfall which is about 35 minutes from Dublin city center.

powerscourtAs it is still pretty cold out we encourage anyone who is going hiking to wrap up with the usual hiking gear including appropriate boots, weatherproof jacket and pants and a hat. If you are planning a big hike it is probably best to inform someone at the cultural center there of the time you are expected back as it is better to be safe than sorry.

Another piece of equipment that has become popular with golfers and hunters alike is the golf range finder. This is a small piece of equipment that is about the size of a pair of small binoculars and it will tell you the range of a tree, rocks or tip of a mountain from your viewpoint. It will also tell you the angle of a slope so it is quite useful for judging the distance to a specific point or what sort of slope to expect as these things can be deceiving to the naked eye. We managed to pick up a range finder fromĀ and it arrived in 4 days and it was also pretty affordable. Stay safe when hiking this Spring and be sure to tell people where you are going and your expected return time!